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A Unique Show Opportunity

We are excited to announce a unique partnership between MVHSA and the American Roan Horse Association. All MVHSA shows will be approved by ARHA to count towards their own Year-End High Point Horse Award Program. These awards are selected by, and presented by the ARHA. Points will follow the ARHA registered horse and multiple exhibitors are allowed. Exhibitors must signup with ARHA in advance to showing to be eligible for the High Point Awards and you must submit your points to the ARHA to be eligible for year-end point tracking.

In addition, ARHA also offers "Added Money Incentive Classes" at select MVHSA and other approved shows. These pre-selected classes are approved for ARHA points, as well as the added money provided by ARHA. The highest placing Roan horse in the pre-selected ARHA Incentive Class will receive the certificate.

Valued MVHSA Show Affiliates

Please note this is per event, so if you are having a two day show, with a separate show bill each day, the ARHA Incentive Classes would only be offered on one of those days.

You must have "ARHA Approved Points Event" noted on your show bill. Clearly mark the ARHA Incentive Classes and the day they are offered. Please make sure to announce it at your show and have the ARHA logo on your show bill.

The added money will be in the form of a voucher and is to be awarded to the highest placing ARHA Registered Roan in the class. The exhibitor returns the voucher to ARHA for redemption, along with the official printed out class results with the placing's from the show.

If you are interested in offering the ARHA Incentive Classes at your event, please reach out to ARHA directly at or 260-316-2402 for show approval 60 days in advance.

$50 ARHA Added Money Incentive Classes at Select MVHSA Shows

  • Open Halter

  • Open Showmanship

  • Open Western Pleasure

  • Open Hunter Under Saddle

  • Open Horsemanship


All exhibitors and horse owner must be a member of MVHSA & the American Roan Horse Association (and have their horse registered with ARHA in advance of the show), no exceptions.

Please visit ARHA at for all forms, a complete list of other approved shows, and to learn about other benefits of ARHA membership.

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